Machining Taiwan OEM/ODM technology foundry solutions

Asia Sourcing Corp.

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    Inspection Equipment

    3D Coordinates Measuring Machine
    Profile Projector
    Hardness Tester
    Surface Roughness Tester
    Gear Tester
    Magnetic particle tester, X-ray, Ultrasonic inspection machine

    Machining Equipment

    CNC Vertical Machining Centers
    CNC Lathes
    CNC lapping & drilling centers
    Grinding Machines
    Precision high speed lathes
    Electric Discharge Machines

    Die Casting Equipment

    100,125,350,800,1200 Tons Die-Casting Machines
    Shot Blasting Machines
    Leak Testers
    E-coating, Powder coating and chrome plating facilities

    Investment Casting Equipment

    Double-end Wax Injection Machines
    Gravity Casting Machines
    Steam Dewaxing Machines
    Electroless polishing facilities

    Forging Equipment

    120~6000 Tons Hydraulic Press Machines
    1600 Tons Screw Press Machine
    80~1600 Tons Mechanical Press Machines

    Plastic Injection Equipment

    100~500 Tons Plastic Injection Molding Machines
    Funnel Material dry-machines
    Auto-Disintegrator machines

    Gear Equipment

    Gear Hobbing machines
    Gear Shaving machines
    Broaching machines
    Gear Skiving machines
    Grinder and polisher

    Powdered Metal Equipment

    3~600 Tons Powder Compacting Press machines
    Belt Sintering Furnaces
    Push Type High Temp Furnaces

    MIM Equipment

    20~150 Tons MIM machines
    Dispersion Kneader
    Sintering Furnaces

    Stamping Equipment

    80~600 Tons Stamping machines

    Fineblanking Equipment

    250~700 Tons Fineblanking machines

    Rubber Injection Molding machine

    150~300 Tons Rubber Injection Molding machines