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Machining Taiwan recommend |OEM Taiwan|MIM Taiwan



    Inspection Equipment

    3D Coordinates Measuring Machine
    Profile Projector
    Hardness Tester
    Surface Roughness Tester
    Gear Tester
    Magnetic particle tester, X-ray, Ultrasonic inspection machine

    Machining Equipment

    CNC Vertical Machining Centers
    CNC Lathes
    CNC lapping & drilling centers
    Grinding Machines
    Precision high speed lathes
    Electric Discharge Machines

    Die Casting Equipment

    100,125,350,800,1200 Tons Die-Casting Machines
    Shot Blasting Machines
    Leak Testers
    E-coating, Powder coating and chrome plating facilities

    Investment Casting Equipment

    Double-end Wax Injection Machines
    Gravity Casting Machines
    Steam Dewaxing Machines
    Electroless polishing facilities

    Forging Equipment

    120~6000 Tons Hydraulic Press Machines
    1600 Tons Screw Press Machine
    80~1600 Tons Mechanical Press Machines

    Plastic Injection Equipment

    100~500 Tons Plastic Injection Molding Machines
    Funnel Material dry-machines
    Auto-Disintegrator machines

    Gear Equipment

    Gear Hobbing machines
    Gear Shaving machines
    Broaching machines
    Gear Skiving machines
    Grinder and polisher

    Powdered Metal Equipment

    3~600 Tons Powder Compacting Press machines
    Belt Sintering Furnaces
    Push Type High Temp Furnaces

    MIM Equipment

    20~150 Tons MIM machines
    Dispersion Kneader
    Sintering Furnaces

    Stamping Equipment

    80~600 Tons Stamping machines

    Fineblanking Equipment

    250~700 Tons Fineblanking machines

    Rubber Injection Molding machine

    150~300 Tons Rubber Injection Molding machines


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Machining Taiwan In order to meet the high quality requirements of customers, we Machining Taiwan constantly draw on new production technologies at home and abroad and introduce the latest equipment from abroad, emphasizing the production of stable high quality products.Machining Taiwan's professional manufacturing plant is dedicated to the management of the R&D team and supply chain with a group of professional enthusiasm